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We have gathered talented specialists who know how to teach. We have created a dream team of mentors, curators and managers who improve the methodology every day.

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We are online to have fun. Therefore, WAYUP is built around technologies that involve and increase efficiency. But you can't talk about it, you need to try it.

12 gamification tools

Work and freelance

Graduates of the «UX/UI legend» course get into «WAYUP CAMP», a special training in which we guarantee the graduate freelance projects or an offer from the company. «WAYUP CAMP» is a special space, community and training. Classes by HR/freelance experts, help in compiling resumes and portfolios, regular online events that aim to bring the graduate to his/her first job as soon as possible.

Graduates of other paid courses get access to a «light» version of «WAYUP CAMP», without the guarantee of freelance projects or an offer from the company.


We build an educational ecosystem around the student: lessons, mentors, curators, games, competitions, technologies, masterminds and much more.

4 components of the ecosystem


Our students are changing their lives through learning and a getting new profession. It just doesn't make sense to study for another purpose. At least at WAYUP.

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