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The world is changing while someone is postponing entry into a new profession. Start learning now so that you can reach your goal tomorrow.

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We cooperate with large banks, and also provide internal installments. We will definitely choose the best option for you.

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Installments at 0% can be issued on our website. In most cases, you don't even need to visit the bank. Learn more →

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Where does this price come from?

The cost per month is indicated on the condition of interest-free installments for 7 months
The current maximum number of installment months can be seen at the course payment stage
The exact cost depends on the exchange rate in your bank at the time of payment by installments

How everything will be


If you choose "Payment in installments" from PrivatBank – at the stage of payment for the course, you will be offered to log in to the mobile app, or log in to the payment page of PrivatBank and confirm the order.

Installments up to 7 months


If you choose "Purchase in parts" from Mobonank – at the stage of payment for the course, you will be offered to log in to the mobile app and confirm the order.

Installments up to 7 months

Installments from WAYUP

If you choose to pay using the WAYUP internal installment plan – at the payment stage you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire, after which we will contact you and offer the best option of installments for 3 payments.

Installments up to 3 months

Frequently asked questions

From what amount is the discount calculated?

If these banks do not suit me?

In this case, you can choose an "Internal Installment plan" from WAYUP. Cards of any bank are suitable for its use. This method is available at the course payment stage, just like any other payment method.

Are installments interest-free? How many parts can I divide the payment into?

How is the registration procedure going?

Will I be able to study right away or do I need to pay the installments in full?

Can I arrange an installment plan for any course?

Who can arrange an installment plan? Can a relative do it for me?

What should I do if the credit limit on the card is not enough for the purchase?

Will I be able to return the money if I don't like something?

Can I arrange an installment plan with a discount?

What should I do if the bank has not approved the installment plan?

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+38 (050) 488-87-94For calls from other countries

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